The result of refined washing and manual treatments


Discover the exceptional dyeing technique of 120% LINO garments, ensuring unmatched softness and a limitless array of shades. Our garments are dyed after production using the ancient and versatile method of garment dyeing. Unlike conventional approaches, which rely on pre-dyed fabrics, our process allows for a depth and intensity of color nuances that are simply unattainable otherwise.
Experience a wide range of brilliant and customized colors that set 120% LINO apart. With garment dyeing, color distribution becomes more even, enhancing the fabric's natural characteristics and providing a delightful tactile sensation. Choose garment-dyed linen clothing for a unique and comfortable wardrobe staple, as each piece undergoes the dyeing process to acquire its distinct appearance.

Heading for Dual Content Tiles


Embrace the beauty of slight imperfections resulting from meticulous washing and manual treatments, which ensure exceptional quality and make every garment special. Additionally, caring for our garment-dyed linen clothing is effortless, with each wash enhancing its softness and comfort.Experience the extraordinary dyeing technique of 120% LINO garments, providing unrivaled softness and a vast range of hues. With our garment dyeing process, you can enjoy a uniquely vibrant and comfortable wardrobe.