120PERCENTO Linen: A Sense of Authentic Luxury

Adorned in a fabric crafted from 100% linen, one can indulge in a distinct and opulent selection that captivates the senses with a gratifying tactile encounter.

In 1980, the founder of 120% LINO, Alberto Peretto, was fascinated by a high quality linen jacket at London's Camden Market, inspired by Fitzcarraldo's outfit in Herzog's film.
This moment was the motivation to create 120% LINO and its distinctively elegant collection with a relaxed crumpled look. Linen is a natural and sustainable resource that is grown in Europe using an environmentally friendly process, creating a pleasant sensory experience when worn.

120% LINO is synonymous with timeless elegance, made with high quality materials that respect ethical and environmental values.


Linen is an ancient and rare natural fabric that's not only stylish and innovative but also eco-friendly. At 120%, we're proud to use this versatile and sustainable fiber in our collections.

Our linen is made from flax plants grown in Europe using a fully ecological process that adheres to universally recognized ethical values. By choosing linen, we're making a positive impact on the environment while creating high-quality garments that are both stylish and sustainable.

The linen plant has a minimal environmental impact and can absorb up to 3.7 T/Ho of carbon per year. It's a hardy plant that can grow with just rainwater, without the need for artificial irrigation. After harvest, the roots remain in the earth, fertilizing the soil and reclaiming the land. In other words, linen is a renewable resource that can be fully utilized without any waste.

Choose linen for a sustainable and stylish wardrobe.